Corner Tiered Bookcase Shelving Unit White

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Add the perfect corner piece to any room with this rustic White reclaimed wood look accent Bookcase complete with five tray style shelves. The shelving is tiered and progressively smaller bottom to top. There is a small very top shelf making 6 in all if you wanted to utilize it.

This rustic looking contemporary piece blends well with any decor and will provide you with additional display space without sacrificing style or giving up area in your room.

17 x 17 x 72 inches are overall dimensions. The bottom 4 shelves are about 13" apart and the top shelf has about 10" from the lower one. Width on the bottom is 24" from wall to wall, and it projects 15.5" from the corner. 

Shelf measurements are:

  • Top: 11.5"Lx8"Dx10"H;

  • 2nd: 15"Lx9.5"Dx13.5"H,

  • 3rd: 17"Lx11"Dx13.5"H;

  • 4th: 19"Lx13"Dx13.5"H;

  • 5th: 21.5"Lx14.5"Dx13.5"H


  • Fits snugly in a corner and provides ample room for books & display.

  • 5 tray style shelves

  • The contemporary piece used as a bookcase in your office or an accent in any room.

  • Rustic Contemporary design

  • Blends well with any decor.